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Mahopac Golf Looks to the Future

Posted Tuesday, May 17, 2011 by Bob Becker, Mahopac News
 Posted in the Mahopac News: May 17, 2011
By Bob Becker

Ray Fortini's Mahopac varsity golf team spent this spring retooling for the future as the primarily youthful squad gained invaluable experience this year learning just what is required to become a successful high school golf team.

Fortini's young charges learned important lessons on the golf course as they posted a 4-11 record, which the coach hopes will build a foundation that will be able to reverse his team's fortunes as early as spring of 2012.

The neophyte Indian team, in this year of transition, was able to beat league rivals North Salem and Lakeland twice this year. Mahopac is quite fortunate to have three area courses that they are able to call home in the Mahopac Golf Club and Putnam National, both located in Mahopac, and Sedgewood Club in nearby Putnam Valley. "I can't say enough about how good these clubs are to our kids and our program," exclaimed Fortini. "they are so generous and they can't do enough for them. For a great many years, all three clubs have been so supportive and don't charge us anything to use their courses. I really want to thank Terrence Hughes, the golf pro at Mahopac Golf Club, and Rocco Camberi, the head pro at Sedgewood for all their help over the years."

In high school golf matches, six players play nine holes and the lowest five scores for each school determine a winner for the day.

"This spring we had a very young team," remarked Fortini. "But we had two seniors and a junior who led us. James Lenahan was on the team for four years and was somebody the underclassmen could look up to for guidance. Junior Anthony Oram is a three-year member of our team and is another golfer the younger ones could learn from. We also had a senior Dillon Savitzky come out for the team this year. I wish he had come out as a freshman because he is a player who was a very positive force for us this year." The Indians also received major contributions from a quartet of sophomores that was comprised of Ryan Mirchin, Ben Harrison, Bradley Amus and Serena Hughes, who is the daughter of Terrence Hughes, the head pro at the Mahopac Golf Club, so it would be safe to say that she has grown up around the game.

Fortini feels that this year's time learning on the course will pay off big time.

"This year was certainly one of transition," explained the coach. "In the past we have been fortunate to have some heavy hitters, so this was a year spent retooling. The good thing for us is that we had a lot of kids play golf this year who in the past might not have gotten on the course, and the more experience you get playing at a younger age can only make you better. The experience they were able to get this year was awesome and will certainly pay off in the future. For me, the favorite part of the year was having a chance to see our young kids develop and come as far as they did."

The Indians will hit the golf course one more time this year as they will compete against Carmel and Brewster in the first Annual Centennial Cup Wednesday at Mahopac Golf Club. 

"We believe that this will be our version of the Big Three, and will be a yearly event the kids will be looking forward to every year."

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